Papa Felipe’s Carne Adovada on TV

Cooking ChannelIn April of 2016, Papa Felipe’s Mexican Restaurant was one of the Albuquerque restaurants featured on the Cooking Channel show, Cheap Eats.

On each Cheap Eats episode, host Ali Khan finds the best deals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus a snack, in the featured city – all for under $35.  At Papa Felipe’s, Khan selected one of our customer favorites, our carne adovada, stuffed into a sopaipilla. 


Papa Felipe's Mexican Restaurant: Stuffed Sopapilla

Papa Felipe’s Stuffed Sopapilla with Carne Adovada

What is Carne Adovada?

Carne adovada is New Mexican meat stew made with chiles. We make ours with tender chunks of pork and a rich chile sauce made from Hatch New Mexico chiles, garlic, onions and a few secret ingredients.

Sopaipillas (or little pillows) are pastry pockets that puff up when fried. To complete the stuffed sopaipilla dish, cut open the pastry, add refried beans, the carne adovada, then top it with more chile, shredded cheese and garnish with lettuce and tomato.

How does it taste?
According to Khan, our “volcano of New Mexican food” is a rich and earthy comfort food — but we think you should try it for yourself. Our carne adovada stuffed sopaipillas are on our lunch and dinner menus.

Cheap Eats host, Ali Khan

Cheap Eats host, Ali Khan

By the way, Papa Felipe’s serves traditional red adovada and our own special green carne adovada. Try it in a burrito or in our enchiladas, too!

Along with Papa Felipe’s, Khan visited Laguna Burger (at the Pit Stop 66), Tia B’s La Waffleria, and Rebel Donut.

You can watch the Albuquerque episode of Cheap Eats online. Look for Season One.