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Papa Felipe’s Salsa is Back!

You’ve had our salsa in our restaurant and you loved it. You wanted to take it home. Now you can!

We sell single jars and cases (12 jars) at our restaurant location. Plus, you can have our award-winning salsa delivered to your door.

Papa combines secret spices with our super-fresh ingredients to create a spicy salsa that will tantalize your taste buds! We have been pleasing our family of customers with this tasty creation since 1987.  

We guarantee that if you eat this salsa
you will be able to leap tall cactus in a single bound*


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Cool Dozen

Buy 12 jars of Papa's salsa

Twelve 16-oz Jars of Salsa
$45.00 (plus $34.95 FedEx shipping)

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*Totally not true, but it does taste great and we think you will enjoy it.

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