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Full-Service, Drop-Off or Pick Up Catering Services
Papa Felipe’s has enjoyed preparing and serving Albuquerque the finest New Mexican cuisine for more than 40 years. Whether it’s  full-service catering, drop-off or pick-up, Papa Felipe’s strives to provide the best Albuquerque catering experience at a fair price. We guarantee that your food will be prepared fresh on the day of your event and your delivery will be on time. All banquet packages are custom fit to meet your needs.

For questions about Albuquerque catering services, or to plan your event,
please call 505-903-0854 to speak with our catering specialist,
or contact us using the catering form below.

Main Entrees

Burritos & Stuffed Sopaipillas
Bean 4.95 49.95
Beef 6.75 69.95
Chicken 6.75 69.95
Carne Adovada (Green/Red) 6.95 74.95
Beef 6.95 74.95
Chicken 6.95 74.95
Carne Adovada (Green/Red) 7.45 79.95
Enchiladas (Beef or Chicken or Cheese) 2.75 29.15
Enchilada – Macho 4.25 41.95
Tacos – Beef or Chicken 2.75 29.15
Chili Rellenos 3.95 42.55
Tamales (Pork or Chicken) 2.95 26.25
Flautas (Chicken or Shredded Beef) 41.95
Taquitos (Chicken or Shredded Beef) 26.25
Sopaipillas (w/honey) 0.70 6.80
Flour Tortillas 0.60 6.55

Sides and Bulk Items

Item1/2 PintPintQuartGallon
Carne Adovada (Red or Green)4.057.5014.0546.90
Chicken (Shredded)3.957.4014.0546.90
Taco Meat3.957.4014.0546.90
Beans(Refried or Whole)2.103.557.0525.80
Mexican Corn2.354.058.1026.85
Chile Con Carne (Red or Green)2.654.608.5534.95
Chile Con Queso4.257.8516.1053.75
Pico De Gallo4.257.8514.8048.40
Red or Green Chile2.104.057.4524.70
Sour Cream3.506.8013.1048.25
Tostada Chips Price
1/2 bag2.95
1 bag4.95

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Papa Felipe’s – Albuquerque Catering Services. Full-service, drop-off or pickup catering for your wedding, office meeting or special event.