Chile Rellenos Rank as Best – Again!

Chiles Rellenos: Best of the City: Albuquerque

A plate of Papa’s Chile Rellenos with a cold beer – always a winner.

[Dec. 2016] For the third year in a row, Papa Felipe’s has earned a Best of the City award from Albuquerque voters.

  • 2014, Papa Felipe’s won a Best Hidden Gem, Top Five award.

In Spanish, relleno [rəˈyānō] means stuffed or filled. Chile rellenos are stuffed chile peppers. In New Mexico, the stuffing pepper of choice, of course, is a fresh, Hatch green chile. Grown in the New Mexico’s Hatch valley, these peppers have a balanced flavor and a heat that is famous around the country.

Traditionally prepared, Papa Felipe’s chile rellenos start with a large, full green chile pod stuffed with cheese. The chile pepper is then coated with egg batter, and fried. Next, cooked peppers are covered with your choice of red or green chile, and garnish, and come served with two sides.

Look for our Rellenos on our lunch and dinner menus. Plus, they are one of the selections on our Lunch Special and Senior menus.

In 2014, Papa Felipe’s won a Top Five Best of the City award as one of the city’s Top Five Hidden Gems. To see more of Papa Felipe’s accolades and honors be sure to see our Reviews page.

Did you know Hatch Chiles are the New Mexico state vegetable?