They Like Our Famous Green Carne Adovada

Papa Felipe's: As seen in 500 Things to Eat Bafore It's Too Late: Green carne adovada

In 500 Things to Eat Before It’s Too Late, road-food hunters Jane and Micheal Stern document some of the best eats they found on their travels across the United States. In New Mexico, they highlighted Papa Felipe’s unique green carne adovada.

For Papa’s green chile carne adovada, chunks of pork are braised with green chiles and spices until mouth-wateringly tender. From there, the rich stew can be eaten in a variety of dishes, most notably our Green Tamale Pie — succulent green carne adovada baked in sweet corn masa with bits of vegetables, green chile and a touch of onion, set off with a liberal lacing of melted cheese and green chile.